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Ultraman Land Closes After 17 Years of Operation

And now a sad bit of news folks. After 17 years of business, Tokyo's famed Ultraman Land is closing its doors. The park was opened for operation in 1996 in Tokyo's Sunshine City Complex. Ever since its creation the park has featured tons of activities for fans of all ages. Stage shows, live events, interviews and public appearances by cast and crew, and so much more. There are even replicas on display of nearly every Ultraman prop or costume that you could think of from the entire franchise!

Tsuburaya (Ultraman's parent company) has stated that the parks closure coincides with the 50th Anniversary of the franchise. They're gearing up for the anniversary itself but are closing the most memorable place for fans to enjoy Ultraman which seems odd. The park  closed in September 2013
I personally feel sad can not visit there this year (┎_⌣̀)..(˘̩̩̩ε˘̩ƪ)
Source : Closure of Ultraman Land Notice

ESP guitar「Flying-Seven」Limited "FS-280"

Hi Guys..check this out !!
This is a replica of my FS-280, which may be the first in Indonesia. (⌒˛⌒) i do not know if anyone have it too. (⌒˛⌒) you interested? I can help you. you can contact me if you also want to make this replica.

specification :

BODY                 : Alder
NECK                 : Hard Maple
FINGERBOARD : Rose Wood,24Frets
INLAY                 : DOT-Poin Red Abalone,DOT Ultra Eye (12Fret)
SCALE                 : 648mm (Long)
NUT                     : Lock Nut (42mm/R2)
JOINT                  : Set Neck
TUNER  : Gotoh Custom Japan
BRIDGE  : Original Floyd Rose
PICKUP   : (Neck) EMG 81 (Bridge) EMG 85
CONTROL           : Master Volume, Mini Toggle PU Selector
COLOR  : Flying-Seven
PRICE/ Harga     : IDR 8jt / 693.75 USD (with hardcase), IDR 7jt / 607.03 USD (without  hardcase)

you can check and compare how the original price in Japan with a similar spec. FS-280 I owned had a 90% similarity with the original.
consider the guitar mine is a combination of "flying seven" and "FS-280". I make it my request, because I feel less body fs-280 reflects the character ultraseven. body wear "flying seven" neck "FS-280"

Ultraman Victory (July 15, 2014)

Ultraman Victory (ウルトラマンビクトリー Urutoraman Bikutorī) is an upcoming ultra created by Tsuburaya Productions. Ultraman Victory will not have his own series, Ultraman Victory will be in a new series called "Ultraman Ginga S" which is a direct sequel to the Ultraman Ginga series and is set 2 years after the final episode of Ultraman Ginga. Ultraman Ginga S will air July 15, 2014 in Japan and will contain a total of 16 episodes. He transforms using the Victory Lancer, and uses Spark Dolls.

The silhouette pictures below say, "Ultraman Ginga's battle is about to begin" and "Is this new Ultraman our ally or enemy?". This throws out speculation that there is a chance this Ultraman is a rival of Ginga.  In the pictures it can be seen that Ultraman Victory has a big V shape on his head and a V shape color timer. He shows some resemblance to Ultraman Ginga because he also has crystals/ glowing parts on his head, arms and legs. Ultraman Victory also has black and red on his body. This may indicate that he may be corrupt or some what evil like previous evil Ultras that bore black on them. However, some protagonist Ultras, most notably Ultraman Nexus also bore black.

Ultraman Ginga Extra Episode - Friends Left Behind

Extra: Friends Left Behind (残された仲間 Nokosareta Nakama)

Format: Live Action Raw
Subtitle: n/a

Download: Torrent

Ultraman Ginga Episode 11 - Final Episode

Your Future (きみの未来 Kimi no Mirai)

Subtitle: Indonesia
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Download: HD / SD

Ultraman Ginga Episode 10

Darkness and Light (闇と光 Yami to Hikari)

Subtitle: Indonesia
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Ultraman Ginga Episode 09

The Jet Black Ultra Brothers (漆黒のウルトラ兄弟 Shikkoku no Urutora Kyōdai)

Subtitle: Indonesia
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Download: HD / SD
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