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Ultraman : The Adventure Begins (The Movie)

Ultraman The Adventure Begins
Ultraman: The Adventure Begins (The Movie)
Alternative title:
Ultraman USA
ウルトラマンUSA (Japanese)

Storyline :
Detecting that an asteroid containing four sorkin monster has crashed on Earth and threatens to destroy the planet.
The "Ultra Force", an intergalactic polise unit from M-78 is dispatched to protect the planet.

Ultra Force merges into the bodies of three Air Force pilots and transform them into super powered "Ultra" Beings.
This is a fantastic co-production of Hanna Barbera and Tsuburaya Productions which combines Ultraman action with American style adventure.

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Anonymous said...

Ultraman USA!!

Anonymous said...

plz reupload it....

RENO-Planet Ultraman™ said...

@Anonymous > ok thanks, i allready change the DL now

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